diane walsh oct 2014Welcome to my Blog! … Well more like my overall info page about anything and everything you could possibly want to know about me today on-line.  I’m based on the West Coast whilst the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) remain active hubs for me, but, I am also a committed proud member of The Foreign Press Association (FPA), London office.  I am a 3x UN media accredited correspondent, New York and UN Geneva campuses. Cross-border issues  are key for me. I classify myself as an investigative journalist.  I write for new media outlets as well as long-established left-leaning print publications. I blend writing, videography and photo-journalism into creative-form. What do I mean by investigative? Don’t worry I get that question a lot. Critical thinking about the world in which we live, advanced source-seeking and background-checking, probing deeply into research projects of my choosing (and/or those of my fave editors) and the pursuit of eclectic interviews with people I find the most interesting. I’m not afraid of politically sensitive topics and on a good day being in possession of a signature style/forté for spontaneous and revealing Q&As (I’ve been told anyway). I’m easy to talk to and easy to reach. I enjoy covering international news items and I guess you could say I have a social justice bent.  Motivated to cover issues that have some social relevance and perhaps, in some small way, I try to help to improve people’s quality of life. I enjoy freelancing here and there for a couple of glossy mags covering various topics on internet trends, lifestyle & social identity, alternative music/fashion scene, and of course eco-travel (something I like to dabble in on a more personal level). That’s about it other than if you’d like to gab and share ideas about art please check my e-portforlio in the “Artworks” section of this site. Would welcome hearing from you! My twitter feed is @dwalshmedia. (c) Diane Walsh 2015 |mediageode| Please contact mediageode AT yahoo DOT com if you’d like to republish anything from this site. Skype me @ [mediageode]   ~ Diane Walsh, MA

I wish to give special thanks to Dale Young, Editor of the Lower Island News, for her backing, invaluable insight and social justice commitment to FGM coverage, over several years. LIN has been publishing since 1985 serving South Vancouver Island and part of the Mainland. 

I joined in 2007 and remain a committed editorial board member. As many regular readers will already know LIN has been instrumental in reporting on significant developments in the field of female genital mutilation. With emphasis on international reach LIN has been effective in getting the message out about the FGM United Nations Resolution (2012) including enabling me to media accredit at both Geneva and New York campuses to cover in-depth on the subject of international efforts to stop this heinous practice. 

Some of you know me as a Poli. Sci. Major with a government background. Whilst others know me as a journalist. In between that – community activism and studies in policy & practice, with an emphasis on women & the environment. As a foreign correspondent in the field of global development I have reported out of the UK for extended periods and from Europe – and the U.S. (Washington DC, San Francisco) and in the Pacific Northwest.

I am pleased to report that I have received a scholarship out of the U.S. 

University of St Andrews in Fife Scotland, where I’ve been accepted, is the place enabling me to crystallize more than 5 years of research. As a 5+ year member of the Foreign Press Association in London I was privileged to be represented recently at a media event at Whitehall in February 2014 where Mr. John Hewitt of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office highlighted in his speech the UK commitment to address crimes of sexual violence (and practices like FGM) grossly contrary to human rights.

I would to emphasize here that, without a doubt I will be continuing to write for upcoming LIN editions. Please look out for “Postcards from Abroad”. Also – Please take a moment to go to my GoFundMe campaign link: 


As you’ll immediately see it’s a fundraising initiative. This will run until mid August 2015 so please don’t delay if you’d like to make a donation! I am looking to raise some additional funds to cover expenses over and above my scholarship. 

I will be continuing to follow the work of Global Alliance against FGM and I hope you will too. – http://www.global-alliance-fgm.org – it’s an EU/CDN international initiative excelerating eradication of FGM through its commitment toward building an online ‘World-Portal’ identifying the work on the ground and global health committee to federate European & UK efforts, in conjunction with Washington DC where I am continuing cooperation and research projects in tandem. 

“Educate 2 Eradicate”, started by colleague Hibo Wardere, FGM educator/consultant out of UK London, along with Youth for Change activist Arifa Nasim – is also a project to watch. 

On twitter: @educate2eradicate raises awareness of honour violence and forced marriage. 

Just our of interest, Arifa is in Vancouver this month with the workshop series. A partner organization based out of Canada called Mozuud.Org will be announcing the “talk” logistics. A Petition has also begun, which will call on the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) to recognize all the issues emerging from FGM, directly affecting, Canada.

Federating anti-FGM global efforts focusing on the Middle East including Iran and Egypt are also growing. Arifa is set to an internship in Alexandria, Egypt next year. 

Thanks again to all those who have supported. 

You can follow me on twitter at @dwalshmedia. Please check out the hashtag #GAFGM for various activist hubs.

GA_FGM_UNGeneva May 2015
FGM News update
Elisabeth Wilson, Co-founder of the Global Alliance against FGM (GA-FGM), and Canadian component of this Canadian-German initiative made this announcement today:
“Since May 11, 2015, The United Nations Director General, His Excellency Michael Møller officially supports our awareness campaign against FGM called YES YOU CAN SAY NO-PICTURE IT
You may consult Facebook page (UN Geneva), twitter and flicker accounts and the United Nations official website in New-York for more information.
As you may have already observed there are Canadian First Nations leaders proudly stepping into uncharted territory. In assisting GA-FGM they’ve heard with their heart, their sisters of the southern hemisphere cry for help and responded to it. Even though they themselves by their own tradition are not directly impacted by FGM.
In picture above, UNOG’s DG (middle), the co-founders of the GAFGM,  Holger Postulart and Elizabeth Wilson (right), 2 of GAFGM Goodwill Ambassadors, Captain Christine de St Genois GA-FGM’s Ambassador to the United Nations and Pat “Halfmoon” Bruderer,  GAFGM’s Ambassador in Canada (left). Pat is the first Aboriginal woman to step into the cause.
Also, since Februrary 5, 2015, Great Chief Constant Awashish (PQ), became the first Aboriginal Chief to support the global fight against FGM.
Elisabeth Wilson is the Director of Communications. #GAFGM is Global Alliance Against FGM Website is www.global-alliance-fgm.org

Note: In French, GAFGM is AGFGM Alliance Globale contre les Mutilations génitales féminines


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An End to Female Genital Mutilation – A Phd that matters by Diane Walsh. Started May 5, 2015 GoFundMe campaign Diane Walsh - An end to FGM - A PhD that mattersDiane Walsh painting End FGM _The Guardian - 2011 “An End to Female Genital Mutilation – A PhD that matters”   GoFundMe @dwalshmedia on twitter More info at #ENDFGM #FGM #GAFGM

May 1, 2015 – Dr. Morissanda Kouyate’s statement here.

Battle lines and battle scars – FGM Education 101

The last two weeks of April 2015 saw the ground break in the global fight against Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

The regressive and regrettable article in The Atlantic entitled ‘Why Some Women Choose to Get Circumcised‘ is causing an uproar.

From the hidden depths of the #EndFGM twitter movement to the ears of Melinda Gates of the Gates Foundation, who endorsed the Olga Khazan article in a tweet – the outcry of complaint is continuing to reverberate. Understandingly so, FGM survivors are gobsmacked by The Atlantic publication language-usage.

An angry firestorm across twitter explained it was felt that the content of the article was more than questionable; it was believed to have had a hand, in glamorizing FGM. According to the undisputed definition by the World Health Organisation, FGM is all procedures involving partial or total removal of the external female genitalia or injury to the female genital organs for non-therapeutic reasons. (AKA Clitoris, labia lips). Artistic rendition here.

All this has had the effect of galvanizing efforts for a united front to press for FGM Education specifically in the U.S. We can find comfort in that the United Nations 2012 Official FGM Resolution is unequivocal. The goal is total eradication of FGM including all the efforts to justify it.

Spearheading much of the unified response is one of the movers and shakers on the FGM front. Hibo Wardere is a formidable anti-FGM activist based in UK London. She is FGM coordinator for Waltham Forest and mediator-educator. Integrate Bristol Charity @FGMSilentScream and thousands of others in Europe, the U.S. and Canada also present themselves in solidarity, taking the bull by the horns as the United Nations has done, tackling the practice as an FGM with no excuses.

The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists @RCObsGyn has issued a statement about their concerns over The Atlantic article (see end of post).

Having covered the subject and worked in the field myself, I too chimed in, on twitter. Coining the term, anthro-apologists and shouting out, saying No to Anthro/Apologists, this very second!  Please see a more detailed discussion here.  Credit: Hilary Burrage FGM not FGC-FC - image credit Hilary Burrage Blog

I join in challenging any apologist anthropologist bleating female genital cutting (FGC)/female circumcism (FC)-messaging. It’s Female Genital Mutilation, for goodness sake. FGM is everyone’s fight.

On the damaging and poisonous message that the article-title ‘Why Some Women Choose to Get Circumcised‘ communicates – The Atlantic was advised to issue a response.

Is The Atlantic seen to be guilty of a subterfuge in condoning the use of overt apologetic language and using the ‘choice’ defence antic?

Is one of the most insidious of human-rights violations when the mainstream media posits the practice of FGM as a ‘choice’ and calls it cutting and circumcism? In my view, yes. No worst evil than, condoning the practice, in this, sneaky, way.

Why did a longstanding, high-currency American publication in Washington DC brazenly publish disinformation? Sheer ignorance or something more sinister?

The UN Resolution against FGM passed in 2012 and the breath of the world-wide movement is moving against justifying slicing off girl’s private parts. Using ‘choice’ rhetoric as means of suggesting, a deeper-understanding, is beyond the pale.

When you click the Twitter share-button for The Atlantic article, it then takes you to this sentence, “What many people don’t understand about [Female Circumcism] sic”. A nuance, noticed by careful watchers concerned about the title of article in the first place; which still remains as ‘Why Some Women Choose to Get Circumcised despite survivor’s protestations.

Please also read my 2013 article on migration of FGM on Western soil and the global context in UN Special.


Update: Dr. Morissanda Kouyaté is one of the signatories for 2012 UN Resolution. He is Executive Director of Inter-African Committee and a UN Expert. Given his strong diplomatic mediation skills and connections internationally, it made sense that the details of the uproar about The Atlantic article were communicated to him. He agreed to make a formal statement. Dr. Morissanda Kouyate’s statement here. Since then, the magazine responded in agreeing to post a blog re: concerns.

Tweet to The Atlantic - follow up on Dr. Morissanda's statement_May 1-2015 Dr. Morissanda Kouyate _IAC - response to The Atlantic Article _2015

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

– @RCObsGyn

Joint statement on story about women choosing to be circumcised

News 23 April 2015

The Intercollegiate FGM Group, along with the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) have read the article on why some women choose to be circumcised published on 8 April 2015. We are extremely concerned by the way FGM is treated in the article.

While we welcome new social scientific research into the complex reasons why FGM occurs across societies, since it helps us to better understand the phenomena and thereby enable us to prevent it, articles such as this are retrograde.

This is our collective position:

  • We agree that FGM is child abuse and a severe form of violence against women and girls.
  • We agree that FGM is a violation of the rights of the child and a violation of the rights of women and girls.
  • We agree that the medicalisation of FGM must stop.

We know that in some communities, FGM occurs because it is regarded as a tradition, a rite of passage. On the surface, it may appear that the girls themselves willingly subject themselves to be circumcised, with their families’ blessing.

However, this does not make the practice acceptable. It is wrong to suggest that children can chose to undergo FGM. Many of these girls are underage and therefore they are not in a position to give informed consent to a practice that has lifelong physical and psychological consequences. Similarly, they may be under intense social pressure to have FGM and may also be unaware of what the procedure truly entails and the long term impact on their sexual and reproductive health.

There is no compelling argument to excuse FGM. The long-term physical, psychological and emotional trauma from FGM (not fully addressed in the article, some of which are transgenerational) which healthcare professionals and the women themselves are only too aware of, mean that there are no benefits but significant harm attached to the practice.

Notes – The Intercollegiate FGM Group comprises the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Royal College of Midwives, Royal College of Nursing, Community Practitioners and Health Visitors Association (CPHVA) and Equality Now.

Diane’s suggested links to peruse in conjunction with the above FGM News update

UN 2012 United Nations Official FGM Resolution https://indydianewalsh.files.wordpress.com/2012/12/resolution-unga-english2.pdf

Global context: post by highly respected anti FGM activist Dr. Morissanda Kouyaté, one of the signatories http://www.morissanda.com/mgffgm.htm

Florence Ali now sadly has died; worked with Inter-African Committee with Dr. Kouyté. Highlights the steep uphill battle fighting FGM and the apologists. http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/fgm-in-ghana-what-local-african-organisations-are-doing-to-eliminate-female-genital-mutilation-8537898.html

International-migration factor: FGM in Western-countries


(DW coverage)

UN Geneva/New York http://www.unspecial.org/2013/02/change-the-fate-of-girls-it%E2%80%99s-in-our-hands/ covers

U.S.A. context http://indydianewalsh.com/2014/11/17/we-are-the-ones-that-cant-be-ignored/ U.S.A context

University of Geneva first University FGM Chair 2015 http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/female-genital-mutilation_university-of-geneva-chair-to-fight-fgm/41256858

Canada http://thelasource.com/en/2014/03/03/canadian-artists-at-the-un-say-no-to-fgm/

With special emphasis now on Western soil, the UK is said to be leading the movement: “Tackling FGM in the UK: Intercollegiate recommendations for identifying, recording and reporting” provides overview https://www.rcog.org.uk/globalassets/documents/news/tackingfgmuk.pdf

The strongest leadership we’ve seen to date; the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists allies with FGM activists/survivors. The ill-considered article in The Atlantic  ‘Why Some Women Choose to Get Circumcised gets a response which can’t be ignored. Read statement above or at @RCObsGyn on twitter.

We are the ones who can’t be ignored

Posted: November 17, 2014 in US

Washington DC FGM Walk - Nov 8 2014 - GWPF (c) mediageode 2014 with permision (98) We are the ones who can’t be ignored – Walkers took to the U.S. Capital to raise awareness about Female Genital Mutilation By Diane Walsh Washington DC – A momentous event took place in the U.S. Capital city last weekend (Nov. 8) which, I can confidently describe as, nothing other than ground-breaking. A first of its kind in the Washington DC area was this remarkable ‘Walk against Female Genital Mutilation’ at the Washington Monument, hosted by the Global Woman P.E.A.CE Foundation. Full credit and accolade is due to GW-PF for the Walk’s bounding success. Its courageous aim was specifically designed to have Walkers circle the paths around the Washington Monument in the effort to raise profile, of the growing problem of FGM on Western soil. Washington DC FGM Walk - Nov 8 2014 - GWPF (c) mediageode 2014 with permision (89) The evidence of Female Genital Mutilation, as the imported but ‘unseen’ underground practice occurring as a result of international migration, continues to mount. Global Woman P.E.A.C.E Foundation is a well-vetted woman’s rights and peace organization with registered U.S. charity status and is based in Fairfax, Virginia. With its strong organizational reputation and with its links to the worldwide movement against FGM, the Walk was successful in being able to attract a diverse group of participants from all over U.S. (including Canada) agreeing to participate as Sponsored Walkers. Walkers raised their own sponsorship and joined in the cause on the freezing cold but sunny Saturday morning of November 8 2014 and, as one of the proud, I can say it was an incredible experience and a worthy measure to create globalized action with American leadership. Washington DC FGM Walk - Nov 8 2014 - GWPF (c) mediageode 2014 with permision (10) I met up with the tightly knit group of international anti-FGM activists who gathered together at the NW corner of the Point to raise needed awareness with a specific emphasis on the US situation. The event urged that immediate action be taken on U.S. soil to ensure complete prevention of FGM; the commitment of it never being able to take place in the U.S. Furthermore the Walk emphasized the need to secure the goal of a U.S. commitment to complete eradication worldwide; in concert with the 2010 UN resolution against FGM and associated solidarity activists. The Walk itself on the day of, may have been missed by, a seemingly sleepy, Washington Post, seen omitting to provide coverage of the event despite its global importance – but that’s not to say they can’t make up for it! Washington DC FGM Walk - Nov 8 2014 - GWPF (c) mediageode 2014 with permision (85) Nevertheless the Walk was indeed picked up repeatedly by the international press and news spread on social media with exuberance. Here in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fIJBdzv2ISU, is one the speakers invited as a key note, Barbara Mhangami. She is a feminist poet and researcher who travelled from Michigan. She, among others, is an example of the shinning talent and commitment of the some of the ‘Activist Walkers’ who sought to promote GW-PF’s aim to open a Crisis Centre right in DC. Guaranteed preventive action against FGM for girls living in the U.S. in addition to service provision for post-FGM women, is, key. More pictures of speakers and attendees here. Global Woman P.E.A.C.E Foundation is committed to real action on the ground and has now raised leading awareness in the Capital. The Walk succeeded in pushing strongly against Female Genital Mutilation, focusing on exposing incidents of the practice on U.S. soil and, importantly, recognizing working in collaboration and in solidarity with a global alliance of activists against FGM to build identification and response services (#IDRS on twitter) to address the problem. FGM has spread to Western soil, this is undisputed in Europe. It has also leaked out recently that FGM has occurred in the U.S. – this must not be allowed to go unnoticed and unrecorded. Information is that family groups have joined with other family groups to raise money to ‘import the cutter’ to perform FGM in secret. No one can dispute that this is heinous and frankly ghastly that it happens in the West. The Walk’s acute profile is being recognized worldwide and is galvanizing efforts to put this issue at the top of the U.S. political agenda. Washington DC FGM Walk - Nov 8 2014 - GWPF (c) mediageode 2014 with permision (87) More information can be found on twitter, using hashtags #DC #FGM #GAFGM or follow me @dwalshmedia, hashtag #IDRS (Identification and Response Services) including #GAFGM #UN to learn more about global alliance anti-FGM solidarity links. Follow more updates on twitter @1GlobalWoman GW-PF’s Press Release is provided below: FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE http://www.globalwomanpeacefoundation.org GLOBAL WOMAN P.E.A.C.E. FOUNDATION “WALK TO END FGM” A GREAT SUCCESS! November 12, 2014: Fairfax, VA. – Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation (GWPF) was joined by its partners and supporters on Saturday, November 8th on the Washington National Mall to “Walk to End FGM”.  The day began with music, as the crowd gathered to get outfitted in warm clothing and t-shirts.  Families and their children assembled in the chilly early morning sun but the atmosphere was positive.  Everyone was there to be a part of a memorable occasion; they were there to participate in the first annual walk to end female genital mutilation (FGM).  No other organization has ever held a walkathon against the practice of female genital mutilation in Washington, D.C. As the temperature began to rise, 14 teams of walkers lined up after bananas, granola bars, peanuts and water had been distributed to the crowd by many volunteers. The teams of walkers made their way up Constitution Avenue toward the memorials of World War II, Vietnam Veterans, Lincoln, Korean War, Martin Luther King and the Washington Monument.  The crowd returned with enthusiasm to the National Mall to listen to a series of speakers tell them about female genital mutilation.  Participants came from as far as Canada, Massachusetts, Florida, Arizona, Indiana, Michigan, Pennsylvania, New York, Richmond, Virginia, Hagerstown, Maryland, etc. CEO and President of IMA World Health, Rick Santos shared stories of violence against women and girls in various countries he had visited. Dr. Martha Allen, Director of the Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press read a list of FGM survivors and activists around the world, while David Rawls, In-Country Director of Hope 2 Liberia recounted his trips to Liberia where his organization is building a school to help end FGM through education.  UniteWomen.org’s Board Member, Shannon Fisher told the crowd, “Female genital mutilation has been illegal in the United States since 1996, and transporting girls out of the U.S. for FGM is now punishable by five years in jail. But the procedure is still performed in private, and it has gone largely underground.”  Vice President and Co-Founder of We Are Woman, Alaina LaTourette talked about the violation of the female body and FGM, while Summer Pearson, Global Woman’s Board Member read a special message from Dr. E. Faye Williams, President and CEO of the National Congress of Black Women, “It is said that the civilization of a nation is determined by the way it treats its women and its children.  By that measure, most nations have a long way to go to be considered civilized.  Certainly no nation that permits mutilation of the genitals of its young girls can be called civilized.  This is one of the worst forms of violence against women.”  Barbara Mhangami-Ruwende, a Public Health Practitioner shared a special poem she and wrote and dedicated to all of the mutilated little girls, “Imagine a girl suddenly thrust onto a mat on a floor, in a hut in the forest, or on an operating table in a doctor’s office.  Imagine the shock, confusion and horror as she watches her mother, aunt and grandmother turn and walk away.”  The crowd did not expect what came next, when the President of Change Agent Network, Annie Wright took the stage and told her personal story through tears about how her mother died in childbirth as the result of FGM, and she too was taken at 7 years old to the ‘bush’ and was mutilated.  Annie stood tall on the stage and divulged to the public for the first time, “I can stand here today and say that I am a survivor of FGM.  I was told never to tell anyone, and I never told anyone until Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation invited me to their focus group meeting.” Entertainment was provided by local groups, the Liturgical Dance Group and the Chosen Generation Dance Group.  Media coverage was provided by PressThePresident, BRITE Radio, Loudon Woman Magazine, Diane Walsh and Alexandra Gerard. The program continued with Angela Peabody, President of the host organization reading a speech sent from Liberia by an FGM survivor, Eva Flomo. Flomo wrote, “America, do you want to be labeled as the nation that stood by and watched countless little girls get mutilated or die simply because it doesn’t affect you directly? You lead the free world; make it freer for little girls and women in Africa and other parts of the world actively practicing FGM.” In conclusion, Peabody announced the 3 winning teams.  The Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press team took the first prize for raising the most money, the FGM No More team walked away with the 2nd prize, while the BRITE Peace Walkers team took 3rd prize. The proceeds raised from “Walk to End FGM” will help establish a special support center in the Washington, D.C. metro area, expected to open in 2015.  The support center is expected to include a hotline with trained phone counselors, career assistance and capacity building for the girls and women affected by FGM. To learn more about Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation and future events or to make a donation, visit http://www.globalwomanpeacefoundation.org.  Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.  As such, your donations are tax deductible to the maximum extent required by law. — Lydia Sherwood, Presto Public Relations

Amtrak is doing its best in the face of challenges presented by fracking boom in North Dakota and beyond.

In Wisconsin, there have been previous reports of freight train crews coming to the end of their shift and simply abandoning a train on the rail line when done their shift with – no one scheduled to take over from them.

A parked train! All rather frustrating to Amtrak. The effect of this kind of brazen blockage is that Amtrak’s passenger train (honourably trying its best to keep to schedule) is simply unable to pass, left hostage to the theatrics of industry giants.

One wouldn’t think that freight-train shortage-of-staff would be Amtrak’s problem but there have been instances of Amtrak actually having to call someone and plead to get a parked freight train moved so its passengers can get by.

Further reports, only very recently, are that more freight staff have since been hired.

On Saturday, Nov 1st, 2014, just before midnight, there was another rather odd incident. 10-15 minutes out of Spokane going east, en route to Idaho, Amtrak’s Empire Builder was delayed behind a freight train which had collided with an unoccupied SUV. The freight train was going about 60 miles an hour needless to say demolishing the vehicle right its track. It is unclear why it the vehicle was on the track and what the circumstances were around the incident.

The Amtrak passenger train, the Empire Builder, was behind the freight train and therefore was halted for three hours while emergency services, the Sheriff and 20 BNSF staff swarmed the area. Cleaning up a big mess of debris enabled both the freight train and the Empire Builder to then continue.

Incidents off this nature are apparently not that uncommon.

Even more troubling however is the impact of – 3x more freight trains running on the tracks in the last two years on – Amtrak’s ability to gauge how long any particular journey is going to take. Amtrak is beholden to, freight priority traffic.

The boom is North Dakota is creating enormous freight traffic. Doubtless Warren Buffet who owns BNSF is delighted; mounds of money are pouring in – with a cool $1000/a car to move oil and up to 100 oil cars per train.

Capitalism steals the day as wheat farmers – are taken – second priority. It’s $200/ a car to move wheat. So it seems right at the moment it’s tough times for the wheat farmer.

The bottom line means that ‘choice’: oil brings in more money.

Amtrak passengers are delayed by the increased freights traffic be it CSX, BNSF or whatever, industry freight has the right of way. Amtrak is paid a fee for any delay; which is part of the contract.

No incentive on the part of Warren Buffet to support alternate routes for moving the oil because the numbers *are working* in the current situation.

Some Williston North Dakota landlords who see dollar signs bouncing everywhere have reportedly racked up rents and are housing fracking boom-business workers whilst uprooting long term residents in favour of those whom can pay exorbitant rents.

Still 300+ men to one woman, isn’t much fun for barmaids!

The damage that can be measured is the boom’s impact on Amtrak schedules. Amtrak trains have for years and years been able to say that they’ve had a 90% record of being on-time. But now through no fault of their own, they are late more often than not as a direct result of the freight cars moving oil tripling in the last two years.

Thousands of black stealth oil cars are dominating the railway line. Amtrak merely gets to ‘use the railway line’ and be at the behest of industry’s priority needs. And there is nothing customers of Amtrak can do about it. The oil boom may actually be said to be culpable in the unintended consequence of virtually ending on-time-commitment passenger rail travel. Amtrak has to tell its passengers it has to play it by ear. Literally.

How slick is the oil boom after all?

Maybe Warren Buffet should be made to be stuck behind a freight train and told “too bad sir, sit and wait.”