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diane walsh oct 2014Welcome to my Blog! … Well more like my overall info page about anything and everything you could possibly want to know about me today on-line.  I’m usually based on the West Coast whilst the Canadian Association of Journalists (CAJ) and the Society of Environmental Journalists (SEJ) remain active hubs for me, but, I am also a committed proud member of The Foreign Press Association (FPA), London office.  I am a 3x UN media accredited correspondent, New York and UN Geneva campuses. Cross-border issues  are key for me. I classify myself as an investigative journalist.  I write for new media outlets as well as long-established left-leaning print publications. I blend writing, videography and photo-journalism into creative-form. What do I mean by investigative? Don’t worry I get that question a lot. Critical thinking about the world in which we live, advanced source-seeking and background-checking, probing deeply into research projects of my choosing (and/or those of my fave editors) and the pursuit of eclectic interviews with people I find the most interesting. I’m not afraid of politically sensitive topics and on a good day being in possession of a signature style/forté for spontaneous and revealing Q&As (I’ve been told anyway). I’m easy to talk to and easy to reach. I enjoy covering international news items and I guess you could say I have a social justice bent.  Motivated to cover issues that have some social relevance and perhaps, in some small way, I try to help to improve people’s quality of life. I enjoy freelancing here and there for a couple of glossy mags covering various topics on internet trends, lifestyle & social identity, alternative music/fashion scene, and of course eco-travel (something I like to dabble in on a more personal level). That’s about it other than if you’d like to gab and share ideas about art please check my e-portforlio in the “Artworks” section of this site. Would welcome hearing from you! My twitter feed is @dwalshmedia.


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