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December 2021

Fabulously interesting archives on JFK and a history of interpretation

My participation in G.W.P.F Walk 2014, 2016, 2017 2018, 2019, 2020 pm on-location or virtual in the later years – Washington DC Updates you view FGM News tab.

MediaGeode (Diane Walsh) maintains LOWER ISLAND NEWS – electronic-edition archive blog. Go to Back-Issues Tab and browse several articles by Diane Walsh. Large PDFs.

La Source/The Source

October 2014

Commonwealth Voices


At the end of my article (above), the Source for the sentence that included the phrase “media outlet” was omitted as a hyperlink, so here it is:

“On Oct 27th 2014 at 10:11 am EST, RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson indicated that 300 staff transferred into terrorism investigations since last week”

*Sometimes this page doesn’t load outside the UK – Royal Commonwealth Society, London UK, Diane Walsh article

October 10, 2019 City of Victoria #yyj Motion, Cruise Ships monitoring project

G.W.P.F Walks in Washington DC summaries

December 2015 – St Andrews – Tributes paid to talented transgender student found dead at university

Scotland protest

Mediageode endorses “I found this story about Society of Environmental Journalists. Check it out or write your own review of a charity” on

September 2015 – My culture shock St. Andrews – see my article on Belugas on this site for context

Culture Shock? In Scotland?

Diane Walsh in Vancouver Observer archived.

Lower Island News Society – “The changing media landscape” – interactive forum May 2015. A conversation: Electronic and print media, grassroots activists, funding and the corporatized message.

January 2014 – Washington DC – Global Woman PEACE Foundation submission – Advocacy Crisis Centre for Girls, Mediageode’s strategic proposal 2014, inquire for details. Became highly relevant as a model for developing activist connections.

NIH National Institute of Health, Diane Walsh mention, Washington DC

February 2012 – UN Pilgrimage Speech-Off, Feb 20th 2012 – UN Pilgrimage Press Release Mediageode 2012

Mediageode 2011 Gary Botting lecture  

Working Group_GA-FGM_2010  (cache page only) #GAFGM March 8 International Women’s Day

Articles on subject of Industrial Hemp (Fabric, Construction Industry, regulatory bodies, etc.):

December 2015 Captivity Issues – Whales

Canada (Vancouver Is.)

U.S. (California)

Australia: Dionne Payne’s publication is now closed. She sent me this link for sharing preview/by subscription 
My art uploaded to a blogger’s website – it is a workshop tool used by #AntiFGMGlobal activists to raises awareness of the various forms of FGM.

History of Pain

Good reading 2022

#LowerIslandNews, Archives (Mediageode)

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