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Background/Education   Diane Walsh  

Most recent – January 2016, graduated with a UK PostGraduate Certificate from University of St Andrews, Scotland, in Social Anthropology, Centre of Cosmopolitican Studies. MA University of Victoria.   BA University of British Columbia 

Published work and supervisor details available if seeking academic related writing services. 

Please contact Mediageode AT yahoo DOT com directly for more information about the Mediageode‘s private sector services including 
Copy editing, editorial assistance and professional proofreading

+ Motivational-language specialist services

Summary page

Additionally, Special Projects

requests as a

Policy Researcher and Data Tracker

Archive search expertise, surveys, reports

Protocol Developer and Editor

Campaigns coordinating expertise (varied, more info on request)

Fund-raising letters and presentations and leadership initiative (e.g. Community Orgs, Charities, Race Relations Associations, Conferences, International Houses)

Arranging Workshops/lectures (samples available upon request)

Communication-strategy consulting and Trainer to grow NGOs – Europe and North America

Strategic Planning, Reaching development goals, Planning campaigns

email: mediageode AT yahoo DOT com

@dwalshmedia on twitter

  1. Indy says:

    mediageode is awesome

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