Mediageode –“Investigative researcher reporter and company co-founder Diane Walsh manages this company with a clear objective in mind – to perform fiercely independent reportage that both bold and in-depth, stealthily embracing a philosophical commitment to  advocacy journalism. Read  mediageode’s publications here at for – A Global outlook and Community voice”. 

Hope you take the time to read my work located on this site under TAB called, All publications. Thank you. I specialize in investigative research services. I, along with associate co-reporting colleagues, provide up-to-the-minute communication for traditional print and new-media outlets. Relying on the latest innovative technology & cutting-edge research techniques we aim to produce groundbreaking journalism.

Sidebar: If you happen to like online nostalgia and are curious what happened to my former ‘vintage’ website — to be clear I no longer run it. Please note that I no longer own the domain: and/or I do not operate it anymore. August 1,2018 – If it still comes up on Google please realize that it is not associated with me. Frankly I am miffed to see someone using it. I cancelled it but someone apparently has taken it on…perhaps profit from the good traffic history ???
Update: March 20,2019  Looks like the person has stopped it now. Maybe they saw this posting! Happy to see this corrected 


So, to confirm, this is my current site:

www.dianewalsh-is-ageode.bizSimply for your reader interest and curiosity, my OLD vintage website text [used to read] as follows:  I have been asked to save the text. So here it is,

“Here at Geode Tech Media  we try to expose that often suppressed narrative.  

In a small but important way we make a contribution in the proliferation of valuable on-the-ground information, and in this effort we try and help fill the news gap that’s becoming evermore apparent in Mainstream media journalism.  We understand the difficulties of editorial independence in these days of Big Media conglomeration especially what its effect is on the control of information. We possess a thoughtful cognizance of the impact that large corporate syndicates and bipartisan groups have on characteristically sound byte-oriented media product.

Keenly aware of the day’s news pulse we commit to the broader story.

Company makeup is cross-border.  A British Columbia office is managed remotely in addition to an office bases situated in Pacific North West/DC. Far-reaching coalitions have been inspired over the years as we’ve been able to participate in collaborative projects with other search experts, since the company opened in 2005.  Liaison/partnerships have been forged with notable political writers and legal scholars in the U.S. and in London, UK.

FILLING IN THE NEWS GAP is Diane Walsh, MA of  mediageode, Research Group


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When you need meticulous research done right!


*Note: Any watchdog activity that has been provided to date has sought to meet the challenge of a diverse community of stakeholders.

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