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International federating efforts to #EndFGM (mostly in chronological order)

Please follow the overall sequence #AntiFGMGlobal archived Anti-FGM media and advocacy work on Twitter –

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#GAFGM (2009 to 2014)

and then onward as #AntiFGMGlobal (2014 to 2023).

This list below is not meant to be exhaustive. Not all activities dear to me I’ve shared on Twitter are able to be recorded below. These updates reflect my most cherished and salient memories. On Twitter, more #EndFGM news internationally can be found. Please explore👓

#GAFGM hashtag evolved into #AntiFGMGlobal gradually so please read both hashtag tweets if you interested in anti-FGM activism in New York, Washington DC, Geneva, Paris, Montreal, Vancouver and Seattle.

Posted July 28, 2022

Global Alliance against FGM, announced via email, to Mediageode (myself) that it ceased official activity in 2018/2019. The pandemic took its toll on many groups. However:

For posterity, Mediageode, c/o my more recent #AntiFGMGlobal hashtag on Twitter, voluntarily maintains some of their most interesting archives and news clips. Of special note is that their activity was based in France and Switzerland and was linked to UN Geneva. This organization in particular successfully reached out and began to collaborate with other anti-FGM activist organizations internationally, most importantly @1globalwoman, a foundation in the U.S. It was unique in this way.

#GAFGM, hashtag – the name/phrase “Global Alliance against FGM” was coined by the founder of the Pastoralist Child Foundation, pictured above in the green scarf – Founder, Sayydah Garrett. It was later adopted by Elizabeth Wilson and co., founder of GAFGM in Geneva, with an office at UN Geneva headquarters (~ 2014).

Posted June 14, 2022

Diane Walsh’s VO article as an Academic citation in Kenya

Posted December 30, 2021

Read Global Woman P.E.A.C.E Foundation annual report

Ifrah Foundation – my GWPF suggested nominee for an G.W.P.F award for anti-FGM activism received her award

Guillaume Roth academic thesis – mention of my work in Geneva with #GAFGM in April 2011

Posted February 28, 2021

PM Trudeau government supports #AntiFGMGlobal

Posted December 1, 2019

Mediageode supports a Global Portal #AntiFGMGlobal in unison with all #EndFGM activists pic credit: screen-save from Orchid Project webpage

#EndFGM #NoFGM #myissuetoo #hearmetoo


Posted Aug 21, 2019:

Announcing Our 2019 Global Woman Award Recipients

Posted Nov 20, 2018

Washington DC Oct 2018  with credit to @1globalwoman  

Global Woman P.E.A.C.E Foundation’s Anti-FGM G.W.P.F. Education Tools

Posted July 19, 2018


2018 G.W.P.F. Nominees https://www.wizathon.com/walk2endfgm/?id=3136

#Walk2EndFGM from @1globalwoman: “What is the Walk to End FGM?” Join us October 26-27th as we walk in solidarity to at the National Mall in DC. Find out more at:  ”

Posted November 11, 2017

NPC gave a wonderful guided tour to Hillary Burrage, Arifa Nasim and myself  (the member) on Oct 20, 2017. Our tour was given by a DC journalist who said she also covered FGM in her journalistic work (contact Arifa for more info about this liaised contact and constructive talk). As a result of this tour, we collectively were able to raise awareness about @1GlobalWomen events.  

November 2015 – The Guardian – Hillary Burrage Book launch. [mention] Lower Islnd News, LIN attends book launch at the Guardian in London, December 2015; â€œContinuing the international fight to eradicate FGM“, August 2015

Earlier: This is a Copy of the Speaker/Request sent to NPC_ via the National Press Club’s website required ‘Format Form’ – sent on – July 6, 2016. September 13, 2017, shared here. Yet to be scheduled. More info @E2Eradicate thanks to the expertise of Arifa Nasim on #EndFGM #antiFGMGlobal #GAFGM

A mini UN convenes by Hilary Burrage: https://hilaryburrage.com/2017/10/22/three-days-with-global-woman-p-e-a-c-e-foundation-washington-dc-october-2017/amp/

A helpful overview of the anti-FGM debates and a mention here: https://femalemutilationworldwide.com/2013/11/09/female-mutilation-chapter-7-north-america-diane-walsh/

Posted October 30, 2017

Washington DC National Mall Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation Walk against FGM G.W.P.F.Walk 2017

Posted November 30, 2016

National Press Club visit and article https://twitter.com/dwalshmedia/status/792590099603001345?s=21

Washington DC National Mall Global Woman P.E.A.C.E. Foundation Walk against FGM G.W.P.F. Walk 2016

Posted June 8, 2016

Lower Island writer Diane Walsh has been selected to receive a Certificate of Recognition 2016 for journalism/advocacy at the National Mall in Washington DC, on Oct 15, 2016 by G.W.P.F.Diane Walsh, National Mall, Washington DC, Oct 15_2016, Certificate of Recognition, Reporting on FGM

G.W.P.F awards - Journalism - Diane Walsh 2016

Posted April 5, 2016

An exclusive with Diane Walsh via G.W.P.F http://globalwomanpeacefoundation.org/an-exclusive-with-diane-walsh/


Click to access 10_7-13%20February%202011.pdf

UN Women mentions my Feb 2011 article (see above)

Posted June 30, 2015

#AntiFgmGlobal Police education UK (West Midlands)

Posted March 20, 2015

Explanation of the various types of FGM: Workshop art used by


IAC Ne; Kenya for education and awareness

Exhibited: Art Prints (legend) 1. Abstract “Say ‘No!’ to FGM” and 2. Artistic Rendition of “The Horror of FGM”

Enfield, UK/ Oxford, UK #Art to raise awareness about #EndFGM @dwalshmedia

Blogger featured art

Exhibit in Enfield (North London) UK Standing up to FGM, in collaboration with UnCut Voices, Dr. Tobe Levin, University of Oxford Symposium Programme

CBC – #Canada #EndFGM #AntiFGMGlobal

Click Image

The University of Oxford, Contestations around FGM: Activism and the Academy via @UnCUTVOICES  University of Oxford Event-Art Exhibit of my paintings - 2015

Posted February 5 2015

Feb 5, 6, 7 “CONFÉRENCE 18H00 AU MEG – MGF ET LES RITES SACRIFICIELS” Geneva Campus United Nations

GA-FGM Grand Conference 2015

“Dans le cadre de la CommĂ©moration de la JournĂ©e Internationale de TolĂ©rance ZĂ©ro aux Mutilations gĂ©nitales fĂ©minines (MGF) cĂ©lĂ©brĂ©e chaque 6 fĂ©vrier, l’Alliance Globale contre les Mutilations gĂ©nitales fĂ©minines (AG-MGF) une initiative canado-allemande basĂ©e Ă  GenĂšve, organise des Ă©vĂšnement les 5 et 7 fĂ©vrier au MusĂ©e Ethnographique de GenĂšve, activitĂ©s placĂ©es sous le patronage de la Commission suisse pour l’UNESCO”.

Posted December 30, 2014

GAFGM Provisional Conference Programme Feb 5- Feb 7 #GAFGM #IDRS on twitter, planned for February 6, 2015 – Zero Tolerance Day/FGM at the United Nations, Geneva, UN Campus including supporting UNESCO letter of support

November 16, 2014

November 8, 2016

G.W.P.F END FGM Walsk - Diane Walsh at Walk

Pictures of the Nov 8 Walk in Washington

Video of an FGM activist who read her poetry at the Speaker-Presentations after the Walk.

Reflections on the momentous event – We are the ones who can’t be ignored

GWPF FB page featuring Diane Walsh_Walk_Nov8-201

Global Woman P.E.A.CE Foundation Washington DC Walk  Nov 8 2014 GWPF Fundraising Diane Walsh _Nov 2014

October 5 2014

Published online as of today.

A most comprehensive study on #GAFGM and #FGM by Guillaume Roth

mĂ©moireM2 – Guilaume’s thesis on FGM-Copy for Diane Walsh. Written in French.

Translation available if anyone needs it. Contact on twitter @dwalshmedia

Special thanks: I was incredibly honoured to be listed/included as a mention (page 16).

Mr. Roth is an outstanding research and communication specialist. Contact details available, if requested.

September 20, 2014 NIH referenced my VO article - UN - NYC Sept 2010

My 2010  article which appeared in Vancouver Observer

is now used a source. Referenced in a NIH study on FGM here:  mention - Diane Walsh_



This is the URL to the complete study. Mention _Diane Walsh

Posted April/March/February 2014 London


March 18, 2014

Trailer of Mali concert and Africa meeting GA-FGM, post-symposium

March 13, 2014

Article on #GAFGM/AGMGF (Fr.) in the French publication, le DauphinĂ© LibĂ©rĂ©, regarding Conference  3.3.2014 at Cercle Condorcet de Ferne-Voltaire.

March 4, 2014

Canadian artists at the UN say, “No to FGM” The Source/LaSource, March 4 2014

#GAFGM @dwalshmedia:

Video of Elisabeth Wilson opening remarks at #GAFGM exhibition Feb 6 2014 Geneva, UN campus

March 3, 2014

Synopsis of the Symposium (Fr.) Rapport symposium AG-MGF du 07 Fevrier 2014 Summary of the speaker’s remarks (available as of March 3,2014).

Feb 6 – Feb 7, 2014

Feb 6 – The Exhibition African and Native Canadian  Art Feb 2014 project has been accepted by the United Nations Cultural Affairs Committee in Geneva, Switzerland. I am covering this event as a UN accredited journalist

Feb 7 – Invitation, provisional programme, and details: I am attending as a Participant.  Letter (Fr.) Remerciements Symposium AG-MGF received subsequently, March 3.

Invitation Symposium Chaire MGF_ 7 FĂ©vrier 2014

Symposium 7 fevrier 2014

Programme 7 fev 2014_ Salerno

September 2013

Coop MĂ©dia de MontrĂ©al, MenacĂ©e, attaquĂ©e, critiquĂ©e – JosĂ©e Gavi, fondatrice de l’ONG AMEVI-TOGO lutte sans relĂąche contre les MGF, le 17 Septembre, 2013

December 12, 2013

Global Alliance Against FGM fund-raiser GA-FGM Press Release – Halfmoon Woman Canada_Dec 2013 – Indigenous Canadian Woman & Birch Bark Biting Master presents, in Geneva, Dec 12th and 13th, UN Campus in support of GAFGM.

May 16, 2013

I was honoured when I spotted the other day, I am mentioned on Adobe page 16 – text page 14, in the annual general report of the Global Alliance against FGM. This is an excellent document if you would like to learn more about this organization GAFGM

May 14, 2013

“Monsieur Holger Postulart (please note in English, Exec Director of GAFGM, Global Alliance Against FGM) va annoncer le projet de crĂ©er une Chaire universitaire spĂ©cialisĂ©e sur les MGF Ă  cette confĂ©rence (voir communiquĂ© de presse).  L’Agence de coopĂ©ration internationale allemande va ĂȘtre le premier donateur. l’AG-MGF (GAFGM) est en partie canadienne.”

 Â« Afin de cĂ©lĂ©brer la toute premiĂšre journĂ©e internationale pour l’élimination de la fistule obstĂ©tricale le 23 mai et, conjuguant leurs efforts pour faire connaĂźtre cette cause, l’Alliance Globale contre les MGF (AG-MGF) en collaboration avec la Fondation Genevoise pour la formation et la recherche mĂ©dicales (GFMER) vous invitent Ă  un dĂ©bat au Club Suisse de la Presse avec le Dr Charles-Henri Rochat Â» — Holger Postulart

 Jeudi 23 mai 2013 – 11h30 – 12h30 Club suisse de la presse (La Pastorale)
Grande salle de conference Route de Ferney 106, GenĂšve
May 25, 2015

UN Special Magazine, “Change the fate of girls: it’s in our hands”, by Diane Walsh, 2015.


February 5, 2013

press release from NPWJ: High Level Meeting in Rome, Final Declaration calls for full and complete implementation of the UN Resolution Banning FGM Worldwide. Rome meeting - Feb 5, 2013, IAC, GAFGM Rome, Italy: Conférence sur les MGF. No Peace Without Justice.

“J’y suis en tant que fondatrice de l’Alliance globale contre les MGF A mes cĂŽtĂ©s, Madame CompaorĂ©, PremiĂšre dame du Burkina Faso (centre) et Ambassadrice du ComitĂ© Inter-africain sur les pratiques traditionnelles nĂ©fastes Ă  la santĂ© de la Femme, Madame Lamizana, PrĂ©sidente du CI-AF et la Ministre de la promotion de la femme du Burkina Faso, Madame Nestorine SangarĂ© (gauche)” – Elisabeth Wilson, GAGFM (pic above, second from left side). Pic below, Hon. Emma Bonimo, Italian Senate and members of NPWJ Hon. Emma Bonimo- NPWJ - Rome - Conference - FGM- Feb 5 - 2013

December 20, 2012

No Peace Without Justice  based in New York City but working diligently with activists around the globe gives a much-awaited press release on the UN resolution against Female Genital Mutilation, which passes December 20, 2012. The actual text of the UN resolution can be accessed here:  Resolution UNGA English and Rėsolution UNGA French

No Peace Without Justice, the Ban FGM campaign, the Inter-African Committee, Euro-net, the first lady of Burkina Faso  Hon Mrs Chantal CompaorĂ©, and many others, have helped make this groundbreaking historical event, a reality – this includes the public awareness work of organizations such as Global Alliance Against FGM, the Orchid Project, the AHA Foundation, just to name a few. It takes a village as Hilary Clinton once said. A global united village to make this happen, as #AntiFGMGlobal activists say.

UN_Conference_NewYorkCity_Sept 22-2010-MDG's_GAA-FGM&IACFrom left to right: Represented here, No Peace Without Justice, Inter-African Committee, Burkina Faso chapter, IAC Ethiopia chapter, Global Alliance Against FGM (this picture was taken in New York City at NPWJ headquarters on September 23, 2010 during the United Nations Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) where much pressure was placed to put forward a resolution. It would not have happened without great activists.  Hon Emma Bonino, former MP in the European parliament and current member of the Italian Senate, was then (and still is) a tremendous political weight behind the Ban FGM campaign.

December 3, 2012

Global Alliance against Genital Mutilation, presents a

Concert in Geneva, Switzerland December 3rd, 2012 (its press release in French)CommuniquĂ© Res ONU_Canada_2012, at United Nations Campus, Ecumenical centre – 1800 h UT  with Event information here: Programme 3 decembre 2012_final_Fran, celebrating the recent UN resolution against FGM and advances in awareness of the subject over the last year since the last concert in Versonnex, France.

http://fgcdailynews.blogspot.com/ an excellent source for those wishing to follow media pieces on FGM. My article on FGM in VO featured.

April 2011


Pivotal piece – READ THIS BLOG POST FEB 6 2011 ZERO TOLERANCE TO FGM – UN GENEVA, UN NEW YORK #GAFGM strategies to end FGM worldwide

My trip to the UN Geneva Campus


As one Global Woman anonymous anti-FGM activist says,

“If you know something, get in touch. It only takes a tweet, email, or a FB post, to get involved. Know that excisors practicing FGM (anyone condoning, lending credence to supporting babies, little girls and womens’ genitals being sliced in societies of fear, coercion and confusion are under watchful eye. It’s clear that the future can and will be better. If you see FGM happening, speak out.  Don’t be a witness and do nothing”.

resources: during the Zero Tolerance Day, please take the time to watch these two videos, which includes work and presentation by Ban FGM Campaign.   Share with friends.

â€ȘMessages for UN Women – in pictures https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/gallery/2011/mar/02/women?CMP=share_btn_tw&page=with:img-22#img-22‬





Salem News

Please note, Twitter hash-tag is: #FGM, #NOTOFGM,  #STOPFGM #Feb6 #AntiFGMGlobal

mediageode at gmail dot com

September 29, 2010

My trip to the UN http://www.vancouverobserver.com/politics/commentary/2010/09/29/un-hones-female-genital-mutilation
Working group - archive - GAFGM

Vancouver Observer

Michelle Bachelet, Head of UN Women, sitting down for her first interview on the job, with Nathan King of France 24. Diane Walsh photo.

Sept 23, 2010 pics: In my board editorial capacity, was pleased to facilitate with Lower Island News credential and we were enormously proud to both have UN accreditation at New York campus for the purpose of covering the MDGs.

  1. DW says:

    Feedback welcome

  2. David Indeje says:

    Nice work you’re doing to enlighten people. So far this is what I have done. The spirited fight must go on in fighting FGM

    • DW says:

      Thank you David!

    • David, please check our new publishing company….www.uncutvoices.com. We translates books about FGM into English.

      • DW says:

        Hi Rebecca, Hi David. I’m thrilled that you’ve been able to make contact with each other through my blog. David is a wonderful character and an excellent networker and reporter. Rebecca, I am also so pleased to know that you are involved in anti-FGM activism…I did not know that until now!…when I just read your comment above. Let me know if you do not hear from David and I will assist you in making more direct contact.

  3. Greetings:

    This is to humbly bring to your attention the availability of my new novel -FLIGHT OF LIFE – from the trilogy- “phenomenon that refuses to die”, a story from an African perspective which contributes to efforts to
    bring about the eradication of female genital mutilation, the harmful traditional practice which is slowly becoming more global in its spread from Africa and the Middle East to the West through modern migration.

    The novel is an advocacy styled fictional story of the adolescent daughter of an African diplomat who had first-hand knowledge of the agony of Female Genital Mutilation and the blood-chilling evidence of its damaging afflictions when she was seven years old. Avah has since had a predilection, and is averse to the harmful practice; she truculently battles to avoid going for the same rite of passage rituals. There was relentless pestering and harassing from family members fueling incessant heated confrontations between Avah and her mother including abduction attempts which finally culminated in sponsored daylight kidnapping on the streets of London and aggravated diplomatic imbroglio.

    This insightful modern day story throws up some simple practical yet unique eradication tool(s) that are so far overlooked in the fight against the scourge of FGM. You are an acknowledged passionate believer in the erradication of the old harmful practice that leaves girls and women victims with life-long physical and psychological trauma.
    FLIGHT OF LIFE is available as eBook at a low affordable price on Amazon Kindle eBooks.co.uk and can be read also on your PC and other modern smartphone gadgets in addition to Kindle and iPod.
    Please visit Amazon.com:eBooks for your copy; or a gift copy can be forwarded to you upon request. You may also borrow to read from the Kindles owners’ lending library on Amazon.eBook.co.uk.


    Thank you for your kindness.

    Raymond Ladebo

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