Hope you’ll join me #Walk2EndFGM #antiFGMGlobal

Posted: July 24, 2018 in #antiFGMGlobal, #Walk2EndFGM, FGM, London UK/Washington DC/Vancouver Is., Social justice articles, US
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The G.W.P.F. Nominating Committee 2018 brings you this year’s Nominees


What the awards are all about http://globalwomanpeacefoundation.org/2018/09/04/explaining-the-global-woman-awards/

For more info on #Walk2EndFGM 2018 hashtag #antiFGMGlobal on Twitter 

Direct campaign 2018 link here https://www.wizathon.com/walk2endfgm/?p=display&action=team_Page&id=4809 Team Anti FGM Global – Women and Men Together  against FGM  @dwalshmedia 

Please visit my FGM News Blog Page for more information. I hope you will consider attending this important event in Washington DC. 

Update Oct 27: 

                                Photo credit @1globalwoman G.W.P.F, Oct 26-27-2018 Washington DC #Walk2EndFGM 

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