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1941 Wedding picture of
Captain John Myles Wilson, Merchant Mariner (The Keila)
groom/husband, Scotland-born (my Grandad) and
Marie Hortense Bellemare-Gélinas
bride, Canada-born
Marie Hortense Wilson, wife (my Nana)
Photo taken in Trois Rivières, Québec

Hortense’s father’s family name: Bellemare-Gélinas

Hortense’s father (Joseph Oxanime Bellemare) mother’s name was : Lamy (Likely also Jewish)

My own mother recalls,

“Lamy was another surname that I heard of in my childhood. Grandmère Bellemare and Auntie Fernande went to Bordeaux in search of ancestors around 1949 when Auntie Fernande lived in England with Nana & Grandad. She married Uncle Jimmy Dron (also) a Scotsman. Grandmère (Bellemare) came to visit Nana in Dovercourt, England”.

The suggestion of Jewish heritage
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