Anthropologist’s dream reading list

Posted: May 22, 2022 in Washington, DC

Biodiversity cries for TLC!

There is current interest in the concept that biodiversity in cities (amid sprawling development) needs space — biodiversity needs green space. More green-space.

So we must ask, “What are the influences determining the spacial relationships between humans and nature in cities” (e.g. special interests behind a substantial highway expansion, rationales for clear-cutting for a townhouse development, even tree-cutting to make way way for cycle paths or something as ‘innocent’ as walkers carving out an off-trail pedestrian paths where wildlife lives and was once abundant). Many examples can be cited. These are but a few.

Habitat networks for nature and animals is shrinking worldwide.

In anthropology and the environmental humanities, scholars are studying shrinking trends and answering questions about ”What is inter-urban biodiversity variation” and “What is ecological reflexivity”.

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Can biodiversity be more varied and more plentiful if green-space was strategically and deliberately expanded in bigger ways if as a society we lend ourselves to protecting it? Berlin

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