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Veterans Affairs Canada, Charlottetown, PE

April 18, 2023

CANADA records:

I am incredibly proud to report today that I have received in the mail this full document (39 pages) from VA 🇨🇦 on -Merchant Mariner-John-Myles-Wilson-b.1914-06-24–d.1987-08-03 which commemorates my maternal grandfather’s life as a Merchant Mariner during WWII including his medals and career sequence (on file and held by Canada). Cover Letter was also found in the envelope, addressed to myself (to be uploaded shortly). Please click on the PDF link above to view the file.

A huge thanks to the staff at VA Canada for researching, accessing and digitally copying the files and mailing them to me. Thank you Canada!

For the Keila ship- records, please browse UK National Archives (see below for sequence).

United Kingdom records:

Plus, this is a UK link to John Myles Wilson’s Ship Movement records, Convoy Operations WWII, downloaded from UK National Archives

May 19, 2022 United States honors WWII Merchant Mariners in dramatic fashion


Department of Transportation


US Mint

Granddad has yet to receive the gold coin (posthumously) however I did manage to acquire a sample of the above for keep’s sake. ❤️💫